How Your Castle Rock Custom Home Builder Will Help You Create a Healthy Home

A brand new, Colorado home, built by a Castle Rock custom home builder, is near the top of the list of many people’s future hopes and dreams. But having a healthy, happy family is even more important. Many people don’t realize the amount of dangerous chemicals that can be involved in constructing and caring for your new home. Recent studies have found that many newly built homes contain high levels of toxins in the air due to the chemicals coming from paints, flooring and carpeting.

Find out how our general contractors in Castle Rock can help build you a healthy home!

How Your Castle Rock Custom Home Builder Will Help You Create a Healthy Home
Learn more about how you can find a custom home builder who is experienced in building healthy homes!
Castle Rock, Colorado

Until recently, Castle Pines custom home builders and general contractors were unaware of the dangers of chemicals used in building supplies, cleaning products and lawn care. Chemicals that leach into the air include VOCs (volatile organic compounds) commonly found in paints, solvents and adhesives, formaldehyde commonly found in wood products and PBDEs frequently used as a fire retardant in insulation, carpets, and textiles. Sadly, further research has shown that PBDEs do very little to control flames.

Concerns over energy savings have encouraged the building of airtight homes that trap toxins inside with you and your family. In addition, there are naturally occurring substances such as mold and radon gas that pose further health threats. The EPA has found that indoor air pollution can be up to five times higher than outdoor air pollution.

Even outdoors you may still need to be wary of toxic chemicals used by your general contractor. At many construction sites hundreds of gallons of pesticides are applied before the concrete foundation is poured. Over the years these chemicals find their way into the home and the air your family breathes.

Numerous studies have shown these substances can seriously affect your health. These toxins have been associated with impaired neurological development in children, the rise in childhood asthma, inflammation of the nose, throat and airways, headaches and dizziness. The long term effects are still being studied, but many of these substances are thought to be carcinogenic.

Another potential concern in your home can come from electronic appliances. Some studies suggest that electromagnetic fields produced by power lines, household wiring, and appliances may be carcinogenic. This would only apply to long time, cumulative exposure. If this disturbs you, talk with your general contractor about ways to put more distance between you and electronic appliances, such as placing your computer and home office area away from bedrooms and general living space. Have charging stations for cell phones and other electronics built into cabinets away from sleeping areas, and install your microwave in a far corner of the kitchen. Electromagnetic fields created by appliances dissipate quickly with distance, so make it a habit to remain at least 3 feet away from microwaves, TVs, etc.

Today you can find a Castle Rock custom home builder who is experienced in building healthy homes in COlorado. A knowledgeable general contractor can reduce exposure to harmful gases and toxins through the use of state of the art construction methods, along with maximum airflow, achieved through the correct placement of air vents, doors and windows. Healthy building practices include keeping the bedrooms and main living areas away from the garage and utility room, where dangerous products are commonly stored. Utilizing proper building practices will also fight the growth of mold and mildew.

Luckily, today there are numerous less toxic building materials available from most manufacturers. Many general contractors just haven’t been educated about building healthier homes. Now, thanks to consumer demand, many healthy building materials cost little more than older, standard building products. In the end, a home built employing healthy products and practices can add an extra 15% to your resale value.

Elite Builders of Colorado is a family owned business, so we understand your concerns for the health of your family. We will be happy to discuss the use of non-toxic construction and cleaning supplies, along with the use of healthy design and construction features in order to create a home that’s a safe oasis from the pollution outside.

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