Making Additions to Your Home with the Help of Your Douglas County Home Builder

Custom Home Builders for your room addition in Douglas County, Colorado

Making Additions to Your Home with the Help of Your Douglas County Home Builder
In this blog, the expert custom home builders at Elite Builders share key points towards your home additions in Douglas County.
Douglas County, Colorado

If your home is beginning to feel a little cramped, building an addition can be a great way to gain more living space without having to move. When you choose to add on to your home, enlisting the help of a Douglas County custom home builder can make the difference between having an addition that flows so seamlessly no one would guess that it’s an addition, and having an addition that has the look of a tacked on afterthought.

Adding on to your Douglas County home requires a great deal of structural and architectural planning. It can actually be more difficult than building a new home from scratch, and requires extensive professional experience. Some things that must be taken into consideration include:


From the outside, the roofing and siding materials must either match or complement each other. Sometimes it’s impossible to match the original siding, but using custom home design techniques, your builder can utilize other materials such as brick or stone to accent or complement the original siding. The roof lines and pitch should mimic those of the existing roof in an aesthetically pleasing way, and of course the architectural style of the addition should be the same as the style of the original structure.

Furthermore, Elite Builders partners with an interior design team in order to design the inside of your addition to flows seamlessly into your home by echoing the same architectural design as the existing interior.


Sometimes a homeowner can get a little carried away with the size of the addition. This is a time when your custom home builder can partner with architects and draftsman who specialize in custom home design. Architects can form equations based on the ratio and proportion of your existing home in comparison to the addition, in order to help you choose the best size for the new addition, designing a new space that will be in harmony with the rest of your home.


As your Douglas County custom home design is being drawn up your residential custom home builder will confer with an architect and possibly an engineer to determine how the added weight of an addition will affect your existing home and foundation. Furthermore, they must take bearing walls into consideration. Exterior walls that rest on the foundation are almost always bearing walls that carry part of the weight of your house. So in most cases when you add on to an existing home you will be altering a weight bearing wall when you connect the addition to the house. Again, this requires both experience and skill to avoid damaging the structural integrity of your home.


In order to accomplish all of this you will need a custom home builder who shares your vision and understands your purpose for the custom home room addition. Elite Builders believes that successful communication is key to customer satisfaction. That’s why we employ the design- build concept, where all of the construction responsibilities are combined into a single contract, allowing the homeowner, the designer and the builder much more successful communication with one another. Having this single source of responsibility is a vital component in modernizing and optimizing the building process. You tell us what you want and after your design has been generated, we offer 3-D renderings of your custom home design in order to be certain that we understand each other. We will bring over 12 years of hands on, custom home building experience, planning and management to your project. Additionally, we partner with expert architects, draftsman, interior designers and specialty contractors in order to build the highest quality structure and ensure the greatest possible customer satisfaction.

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