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by David Baltz Operations Manager/Managing Member Phoenix Framing, LLC on elitebuilder.co

In our constant search for quality Builders and General Contractors, we’ve found a real winner in Elite Builders. It’s been a pleasure to work with Josh. He brings us quality projects, is responsive to questions, and open to time and money saving suggestions. In a world where many times GC’s have a slash and burn mentality (for both their Subs and Customers), Josh and Elite consistently maintain a healthy balance by respecting his Subcontractors while always keeping his Customer’s needs at the forefront. We look forward to completing many more projects with Josh.

by Mowrey on elitebuilder.co

Josh Hector just completed an extensive remodeling project, which included gutting our main floor and rebuilding and relocating our kitchen, living, dining, and laundry rooms, and master bathroom. I have been through remodeling projects in the past, and as a perfectionist I was hesitant to engage in another one, especially of this scope, due to the poor performance of past GCs and their subcontractors. However, with this project, I learned that Josh is a perfectionist as well, and holds his subs accountable for their timeliness and workmanship, not to mention his own work.

He sweats the details. He was always in communication with us as well, and always responds to voice mails and text messages with answers, not excuses. When something wasn’t right, it was addresses quickly, and he was always checking in to see what our impressions were and what, if anything, could be improved. I think the best indication of his ability is schedule- even with asbestos and black mold being discovered at the beginning of the project, the work was completed essentially ON TIME, something that is rarely experienced in any home project.

Second, the project. The remodel addressed the two big problems with the existing house- poor floorplan and dated looks. I can honestly say that the results exceeded our expectations. The transformation to the living space is nothing short of amazing. What was nice is the fact that we had a good idea of what we wanted, and Josh made it happen. We weren’t pressured into taking shortcuts or given excuses as to why something wouldn’t work. Josh is very talented and resourceful in developing solutions and generating alternate ideas. We enjoyed working with his appliance, cabinet, plumbing, lighting, fireplace, tile, and granite suppliers- they were all professional and sensitive to our needs and price point. We never felt that we were being oversold. Josh’s experience can be seen in the finished project- there are a number of thoughtful small details that contributed to the high quality of the remodel, such as a granite windowsill in the kitchen that was fabricated from the leftover material, repainting the old entry steps in the mudroom, and surprising us by installing the washer and dryer while we were out of town (there’s nothing like coming home to a functional laundry room after using laundromats for 10 weeks!).

It should also be mentioned that we lived in the house during the project. Josh was incredibly sensitive to our needs, and our 3 kids and 3 dogs were actually pretty comfortable.

All in all, I would give the experience a 10. It’s a shame that more contractors don’t provide the talent and service that were referred to him for this job.

by Don & Cheryl Barbula on elitebuilder.co

We hired Josh Hector of Elite Builders after meeting with Karen Herbst to discuss and review the awesome renovation Josh completed on her home. We echo all that Karen stated in her testimonial, as it was also true for our project.

Our project was a second floor expansion of our master bedroom suite to enlarge the bedroom, create a new large bathroom, large walk-in closet and laundry room. This addition was 300 square feet of new space, built out on our second story. Also included was a total remodel of two other existing bathrooms and a new fireplace.

We lived in the house during the entire remodel which began in January 2015. Josh was very thoughtful during the renovation to ensure our living situation was comfortable during the remodel. One example of Josh’s consideration is shown by the following. The ceiling in our first floor family room was removed during construction as the expansion to the second floor was built above. Josh built an insulted temporary wall to ensure our house remained warm and functional during the phase the family room was exposed to the outdoor elements.

Another example of Josh’s knowledge and initiative was regarding our vaulted ceiling. Our architect and engineer had determined we would not be able to vault the ceiling due to the truss structure in the existing roof. Josh utilized his extensive background and knowledge in framing along with his initiative and creativity to work with the engineers and framers to create and implement a plan to vault the ceiling. A vaulted ceiling was part of our dream for the existing bedroom and new addition and Josh found a way to make the dream come true. The vaulted ceiling adds so much dimension to the finished space.

Getting new plumbing and HVAC into the new addition of our home was a very big challenge. It was a concern of the architect when the plans were designed. Due to Josh’s knowledge and a close working relationship with his subcontractors, he was able to figure out how to get the new plumbing and HVAC to the second floor addition. Josh spent a lot of extra time – and a few extra holes in the walls to find possible routes in coming up with a very workable solution to this challenge. This is another example of Josh using his knowledge and talents to create a good solution, which didn’t have any lasting impact on other existing finished areas in our home.

Josh also has a wonderful sense of design that he put to good use on this project. We collaborated throughout the project on the details for the overall design. I really appreciated his input and thoughtfulness on all the design details. An example of Josh’s design sense and his attention to all the small details that can make a big difference was the tile in the new master bathroom. We selected Carrera Marble tile and struggled with the design layout of the tile, as we were not comfortable with the design from tile designer. Josh spent time with us creating and determining various tile design options. The plan he came up with was very aesthetically pleasing and also saved us money. The tile cutoff for the master bathroom was used to tile the guest bathroom, therefore not wasting any of the expensive marble tile.

We highly recommend Josh, as he managed a very successful expansion and renovation of our home. He has very strong management and technical skills with attention to detail, design insight, knowledge of all aspects of the project and on time completion. Questions and requests, were always responded to positively with a smile and the requested action was taken. He manages all the subcontractors very effectively, ensuring every detail is completed perfectly. He is a pleasure to work with and collaborate on the project. He is very organized in presenting a detailed project bid/plan and keeping you up to date during the entire project. There were not any surprises or unexpected overages during the project. Not only that, he completed the project right on time.

We had three bids submitted for our project. Josh is the only contractor who submitted his bid as a detailed spreadsheet, of all items with the cost. He was not the least expensive, but he had fully captured all items. His sense of design and willingness to do extra items himself, such as hanging a new garage organizing system and drapery rods was very much appreciated. So many little details he ensured were completed. When we were reviewing the three bids, my husband stated, “I think Josh will be the best one to work with to get the desired results.” He was so right, the new addition we received is beyond our expectations! Thank you Josh!

by Karen Herbst on elitebuilder.co

Hiring Josh Hector of Elite Builders to do our major home renovation was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. Our remodel included the entire first floor, most of the second floor, and parts of the basement as well. Josh’s unfailing professionalism, his attention to detail, and his ethics were invaluable to us. Josh holds his work to the highest standards. He never settles for less than the finest results from himself or from his sub-contractors. We couldn’t be happier with his work nor could we be more grateful for the constant energy he personally gave to our project.

I think the most important quality Josh brought to our project was trust. We felt like Josh was our ally and on our side during the project. He always showed us when the sub-contractors found challenges with the pre-existing structure of our aging house. So that we could be partners in the decisions that we made, he shared with us problems that I’m certain most contractors would have swept under the rug. Josh’s personal ethics were always on the jobsite! His integrity is a rare treasure! He is a role model for others in how he conducts himself.

Josh was respectful of the financial investment we were making in our home. He was articulate and organized in presenting the expenses. We always knew where we were financially in the project. There were no surprises. He kept us all on the same financial page every step of the way. We really appreciated his clear communication on budget matters. We felt like he fought for us behind the scenes. He is smart and had a keen sense of the business side of our project. We trusted him when he told us to invest a little more or to hold tight where we were.

Josh is an effective leader. He managed his sub-contractors with respect and good humor—but he was always the boss. He insisted that everyone who entered our home treat it like a home and not a work site, and the sub-contractors seemed to seek his approval. There was not one evening when he left our home without sweeping and making sure it was in the best condition it could be. One day a sub-contractor lit a cigarette on our sidewalk. Josh had run out to scold him before I even smelled the smoke.

Josh also understands all of the different crafts that go into a comprehensive remodel. He has the construction talent to jump in and help with any phase of the rebuild, and his work is impeccable. He has a good awareness of how all the different pieces of the puzzle fit together. Every single time we brought up a question, he had already thought it through. Josh is extremely creative in building houses. His sense of proportion is elegant. Many times he stared at seemingly impossible problems and then came up with ingenious solutions. When we discovered that our dryer had been venting for decades in an unsafe tangle well under our family room floor, Josh devised a completely innovative way to vent it through an inconspicuous soffit. He solved a years’ old mystery of why a leak had been appearing in our ceiling. He turned an ugly, dated window seat into a beautifully detailed backdoor. Josh doesn’t advertise to be a design expert, but no one helped me more with design decisions than him. He has a great vision and excellent taste. He was the brainchild behind so many of our best choices.

Josh presented us with a timetable on the first day. We never fell behind. We finished on the exact day of the plan! When we hit glitches that could have slowed up our project, Josh was on the phone immediately re-scheduling and juggling things to keep us on track. There were days when he came on Sundays to make sure we didn’t fall behind.

I hadn’t anticipated how disruptive a remodel can be. I honestly don’t think I could have done this without Josh as an advisor, leader, advocate, and expert. I’ve never seen someone take so much pride and ownership in a project. I have learned from him ways to improve the customer service I give my clients in my own business. Josh is someone my husband and I admire and respect. He drove up everyday in his big white pick up truck, and we knew we were in good hands as Josh shouldered all the responsibility for creating our new home.

Thank you, Josh for all your time and all the care you put into our home! We will be forever grateful to you.